19 Snapchat Secrets, Tips and Tricks

A compilation of 19 best SNAPCHAT secrets, tips and tricks

Compilation of 19 best SNAPCHAT secret tips

  1. How can I have more colors easily on Snapchat ?
    – Tap on color palette
    – Then with your finger, without lifting the screen, drag to BOTTOM of your screen, you will create BLACK color
    – If you drag to the LEFTside : you create WHITE color
    – To have BROWN color, drag to the RIGHT side
    – Experiment to have some different colors.
  2. How can I have larger font size ?
    – Go to Settings > Manage
    – Enable ‘ Special Text ‘
    – Tap the « T » button on top right corner of your screen
    – You can change the color of your text
    – You can apply larger or smaller font size by dragging with your fingers.
  3. How can I have filters ?
    – Go to Settings > Manage
    – Enable « Smart Filters »
    – You can then, add temperature, time and speed to you picture, by swipping to the right or to the left.
    – Enable « Visual Filters », those filters are: black and white filter, vintage effect style filter.
  4. How can I view a snap again ?
    – You can only view a Snap once, after that it will get deleted from your device.
    – But if you enable « Replay » in your Setting > Manage section then you can view again a recent Snapchat.
  5. How can I use an existing picture in my Snapchat ?
    – You can use a picture already existing from your library
    – Just press the yellow circle just after opening a direct message
  6. How to ZOOM IN or OUT while recording a Snap ?
    – Obviously, you can pinch to zoom
    – But you can also slide vertically up or down to zoom chen you record a snap.
  7. How can I change the color of each word or each letter ?
    – Just select that word and / or letter
    – Use the color wheel to change the color.
    – Use it on each different letters and you will create a very cool new effect.
  8. How can I use multiple filters on my Snaps ?
    – Select the first filter as usual
    – Then press and hold the screen while swiping to add one or more filters.
  9. How can I create my own personalized color filters using emojis ?
    – Choose an emoji that has the colors you want.
    – Zoom and zoom again several times on selected area of your emoji
    – Use your creation as a new filter.
  10. How can I take a screenshot to capture a snap ?
    – Iphone users : Press « HOME » button AND « POWER » button at the same time to make a screenshot.
    – Android users : Press « POWER » button and the « VOLUME DOWN » button together, at the same time to make a screenshot.
  11. How can I screenshot on snapchat without them knowing about it
    – Just turn ON the airplane mode before screenshot and … voila.
    – If you have some problem : go to airplane mode, screenshot, then log out of the app and close down the app then turn your wifi back on and then log into the app then it works.
  12. How can I save Battery when using Snapchat ?
    – Disable « Travel Mode » can save battery power.
  13. How can I find friends nearby ?
    – When you add friends on the profile display, choose « Add nearby »
  14. How can I have this BEAUTIFUL gradient filter ?
    – Just type a letter, (or select emoji) change the color as you want
    – Zoom many times on one edge of the letter
    – You will create a very cool gradient filter
  15. How to draw like a Pro to amaze your friends on Snapchat ?
    – Smartphones screens are too small, try to make better drawings on Ipad or Android Tablets with stylus
  16. How can I have a grid of places I’ve been weeks ago ?
    – Snap a selfie, use location filter then download it before you send it
  17. How can I have giant emojis placed anywhere on the screen ?
    – Type an emoji
    – Tap the « T » button on top right corner of your screen
    – The you drag this giant emoji anywhere on the screen.
  18. How can I add some music to my snaps ?
    – Open any music app (like Spotify) and then switch back to Snapchat
    – You can add music, tell a story, a quote, your singing performance, when you record your snap.
  19. How can I add more text on snapchat ?
    – Open a new document in NOTES app, then you press « RETURN » 2 or 3 times depending on your needs.
    – Select all the blank zone and Copy it
    – Paste it the text box and write your text.


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